Monday, 14 April 2014

642-997 Sample Question


Which command enables NPIV on Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches and Cisco MDS switches?
A. switch(config)# npiv proxy
B. switch(config)# npiv enable
C. switch(config)# feature npiv
D. switch(config)# npivon
E. switch(config)# np proxy-enable

Answer: C

Reference: (page 7-2; enabling N Port identifier virtualization, see the steps)


Which statement explains why a Cisco UCS 6200 Fabric Interconnect that is configured in endhost mode is beneficial to the unified fabric network?

A. STP is not required on the uplink ports from the 6200
B. There is support for multiple (power of 2) uplinks.
C. Upstream Layer 2 disjoint networks will remain separated.
D. The 6200 can connect directly via vPC to a Layer 3 aggregation device.

Answer: B

Monday, 3 February 2014

Facebook Makes a Big Switch in its Data Centers

Facebook Inc. said it plans to move this year for new network equipment in the data center and stop buying material suppliers conventional networks. The new team will be based on standards being developed by the Open Compute Project, Jay Parikh, VP of Infrastructure company FacebookFB 2.38% s ' , said to CIO Journal. The decision to Facebook could affect suppliers of equipment, such as holders of Cisco Systems Inc.CSCO -0.30 %, especially if more companies follow suit, but the sellers say new approaches lack of sophistication.

The Open Compute Project, initiated by Facebook, is an effort to redesign the open data centers and the hardware code that resides in them. Companies like Facebook and builder online game Riot Games say they will implement new rules for network hardware, such as switches that are getting low. Facebook and others have developed new sources, wholesale to the server so that they can customize to your own specifications, but have yet to buy network equipment from traditional suppliers. They hope to further reduce costs and improve the efficiency of managing the data center, to replicate the computational model for open servers on the market for network equipment. This will minimize costs and make it easier to manage that gear in their data centers enormous, they say.

The question is how Facebook will have an impact on the movement of holders of network market leader Cisco Systems Inc. and Juniper Networks Inc.JNPR -4, 52 % Both Cisco and Juniper declined to comment for this story. Initially, only a few companies are able to move to a model of wholesale shops for network equipment, but many others are trying to see if you can change the architecture of network hardware in the data center. Cisco CIO Journal said in the past that companies that use the new face of network hardware higher operating costs due to layers of a collection of software from different vendors is complex and difficult to manage efficiently.

The market seems ripe for this movement, however. Some companies say that the price of network equipment just is not as much as the server crashed over the last ten years. Riot Games, for example, says he now spends the same amount of network equipment such as switches and firewalls, as is done on the servers themselves. About a decade ago, network equipment was a fraction of the cost of a server, said Ron Williams, vice president of operations of Riot Games. "I think they rest on their laurels, they are milking the company," said Williams.

Switches Open Compute new suppliers Cumulus networks are 85 % less than what you would get from Cisco or Juniper Riot Games. However, Mr. Williams notes that these options do not yet have all the functionality of the switches of established vendors.

Cisco said that new approaches are tested and the lack of robust security, scale and sophisticated network management efficiently. “Eight out of ten public cloud providers are using Cisco products for the energy cloud networks, including Facebook, " Soni Jiandani, senior vice president of Cisco's CIO Journal said earlier this month.”I think the network is evolving at a very rapid pace, “he said. However, she claims that Cisco is able to meet the needs of these cloud providers. Indicates the acquisition and integration of Together Networks, a software-defined networking startup of Cisco, as proof that Cisco is trying to reduce costs and data center agility.

Reduce costs and increase agility are important for Facebook because the company has a traffic "huge" within their data centers. "It’s only grown 25 times in the last few years," said Parikh. Why conventional switches have a proprietary software, are more difficult to manage than other equipment in the data center of Facebook. "We cannot change as fast as anything else," said Parikh. This year, Facebook is planning to move to a new network architecture to create more connections between the servers, he said. For this, you need switches that can be managed more easily. Conventional switches would be “slow us down,

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

MKM Cisco Biggest Loser in AT&T SDN Plans

Cisco is the biggest loser, and Ciena is among the biggest gainers, as AT & T is implementing a new approach to the acquisition of hardware and software announced in the fall , according to a new report from MKM Partners.

Released just before the deadline of December supplier responses 31 AT & T Inc. ( NYSE : T) ' s program provider domain 2.0 Request for Information ( RFI ), the report sees a change decided by MKM smart purpose built hardware and businesses boxes off the shelf -like part of the movement of the wearer to use Software Defined network (SDN ) and network virtualization functions ( NFV ) to significantly reduce capital spending .

This is particularly bad news for Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq : CSCO ), which has the largest exposure in terms of sales of existing Ethernet switches, MKM Partners notes. AT & T to the approach adopted by the data center Google (Nasdaq : GOOG ) , in order to compete with the giants and cloud services.

" We do not believe that AT & T will be particularly receptive to Cisco recently announced Application Center Infrastructure ( ACI ) architecture , including the Nexus 9000 switch , because it seems too complex and property oriented architectures white box" , writes MKM in report.

Overall, AT & T asks whether and how providers are developing the SDN controller and how they are adapting their equipment to be controlled by SDN, says MKM. Based on these responses, the network operator will be developing over RFI and RFPs in the coming months.

The research note predicts what will happen in the next five years or more , such as AT & T has transformed its data center and wide area networks , leading to the conclusion that "in our coverage universe , the long- period are more negative and more positive for Ciena Corp. Cisco , Finisar Corp. ( Nasdaq: FNSR ) . , and F5 Networks Inc. ( Nasdaq: FFIV ) Out of our live coverage , the consequences seem to be more positive for VMware Inc.

Critical for companies like Cisco and Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) is whether AT & T will move completely away from ASIC -based hardware with a little intelligence “and the focus on “white box”, favored by players VMWare software, says MKM. Such decisions are likely to be made in the first place for your data center network.

"The changes are likely to occur first in the field of vector data centers, perhaps as early as 2015 ," says MKM . "We believe the NSX platform, VMware has a strong chance of being selected as a platform for data center virtualization, and predict related - NSX Comptroller and high volume standard Ethernet switch to be distributed from 2015.”

Later, perhaps in 2016, the SDN controller for WAN would be deployed with the possibility of making optical expected convergence of packets in the network of AT & T, MKM states.Of course, AT & T decisions have the potential to resonate throughout the industry, influencing the decisions of other network operators pondering the same movement of virtualization and convergence packet - optical. Interestingly, Juniper is not directly affected negatively, as Cisco because it has the ability to collect the edge routers AT & T and main activity in 2014 and 2015, according to MKM. But both Juniper and Ciena may need to purchase optical properties of the future, the report notes.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

642-997 Sample Questions


Which command enables NPIV on Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches and Cisco MDS switches?

A. switch(config)# npiv proxy
B. switch(config)# npiv enable
C. switch(config)# feature npiv
D. switch(config)# npivon
E. switch(config)# np proxy-enable

Answer: C

xos/npv.pdf (page 7-2; enabling N Port identifier virtualization, see the steps)


Which statement explains why a Cisco UCS 6200 Fabric Interconnect that is configured in endhost
mode is beneficial to the unified fabric network?
A. STP is not required on the uplink ports from the 6200
B. There is support for multiple (power of 2) uplinks.
C. Upstream Layer 2 disjoint networks will remain separated.
D. The 6200 can connect directly via vPC to a Layer 3 aggregation device.

Answer: B



Which topology is not supported when using vPC?

A. a single-homed server to single FEX that is connected to two Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switches.
B. a dual-homed server to two FEXs, each connected to two Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switches
C. a dual-homed server to two FEXs that are connected to one Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switch
D. a dual-homed server to single FEX that is connected to two Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switches

Answer: D


Which three must be configured in the port profile client in Cisco UCS Manager? (Choose three.)

A. vCenter IP address
B. VM port group
C. Port profile
E. Folder
F. Data center

Answer: A,C,D


After enabling strong, reversible 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard password type-6 encryption on a Cisco Nexus 7000, which command would convert existing plain or weakly encrypted passwords to type-9 password?

A. switch(config)# feature password encryption aes
B. switch# encryption re-encrypt obfuscated
C. switch# encryption decrypt type6
D. switch# key config-key ascii
Answer: B


 (page 5, see detailed steps at the top of the page) 

Cisco diversifies as CEO reassures investors of comeback

A day after the chief executive of Cisco promised shareholders that his firm will to overcome slow sales through the application of new markets, provider networks drew the curtains to a series of new solutions to reduce energy costs of the center data.

Cisco says that consumption is “the latest and the greatest unmanaged business expense ", which represents up to 80 percent of electricity consumption throughout the organization. To help CIOs to tame the accounts, the company is launching Intelligent Power Management, a tool that provides visibility into energy consumption and efficiency of the network devices. The platform is available in two editions: Distributed Office and Data Center, which allows administrators to control their printing infrastructure and automate asset discovery and inventory management using an analysis function. Both versions of the software are available on a subscription basis for a support beam.

The platform of intelligent power management is flanked by two service offerings that aim to help customers reduce inefficiencies identifies hidden in their environments and low power consumption by up to 35 percent.
Group Chief Industry Solutions at Cisco said that "most companies do not have a management professional power assigned. EnergyWise provides the technology that enables companies of all sizes (and in any sector) , level visibility and management to reduce costs , increase employee accountability and improving its sustainability profile of the companies."

Product announcements today are just a few weeks after Cisco has introduced a number of UCS Paks OpenStack Solution Accelerator. The beams are designed to make it easier for companies to implement their own clouds on Cisco hardware, support and implementations of major vendors such as Red Hat, SUSE and Canonical. Packages accelerators are complemented by services OpenStack , a reference architecture for Havana distro and a plug -in that adds support for the Cisco Nexus line of data center switches .

Thursday, 5 September 2013

642-997 DCUFIv5.0 Exam Topics

The 642-997 (DCUFIv5.0) Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified valid and a candidate's knowledge of implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric Architecture including security, management, high availability, and virtualization on the network. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric (DCUFIv5.0) course.

Exam Topics

The following information provides general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam.

642-997 (DCUFIv5.0) Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric– Exam Topics

About the Cisco 642-997 pdf

It is a convenient and effective channel for the Data Center 642-997 certification? We offer free 642-997 pdf exam Cisco Data Center, here you can download free pdf certifications such as data centers, etc. .. We promise that our Data Center 642-997 exam products are equipped with high-level, high-quality and precision. Our experts are certified, experienced and knowledgeable in the design of data centers 642-997 exam demo. The exam dumps are looking for new concepts at once, according to the latest real exam.

Only the dynamics of exam curriculum can make adjustments to reflect the new knowledge points.The main objective is to provide the candidate with the most effective preparation materials and techniques for the Cisco 642-997 exam. We are aware that we must educate to understand the Cisco 642-997 exam itself thoroughly without simply giving the answers. The instruments of Cisco 642-997 exam can improve their ability to deal with the practical work. The exam products cheaper but quality is to use.

1.0 Describe the Cisco Unified Fabric products in Cisco data center network architecture

  •   Describe the Cisco data center network architecture from a Nexus product point of view
  •   Describe the Cisco SAN network architecture from an MDS product point of view
  •   Describe Fibre Channel over Ethernet
  •   Describe the Cisco Nexus product family
  •   Describe the key high-availability features of NX-OS
  •   Describe the key unified fabric features of NX-OS
  •   Describe the key scalability features of NX-OS
  •   Describe the features and benefits of the major Nexus line modules
  •   Describe the network infrastructure connection to the Cisco UCS platform

2.0 Implement security on Cisco Unified Fabric products in a Cisco data center architecture
  •   Implement Cisco TrustSec
  •   Implement integrated security features
  •   Implement AAA
  •   Implement RBAC
  •   Implement zoning

3.0 Manage the unified fabric in a Cisco data center architecture
  •   Implement CMP
  •   Manage the unified fabric using DCNM SAN
  •   Manage the unified fabric using DCNM LAN
  •   Upgrade EPLD
  •   Implement SNMP in the unified fabric environment
  •   Implement XML
  •   Implement Cisco FabricManager
  •   Implement Cisco DeviceManager
  •   Implement NetFlow
  •   Implement SPAN
  •   Implement Call Home
  •   Implement EEM
  •   Implement licensing
  •   Implement Cisco Fabric Services
  •   Implement scheduler

4.0 Implement high-availability features on Cisco Unified Fabric products in a Cisco data center architecture
  •   Implement FHRP
  •   Implement graceful restart
  •   Implement Cisco Nonstop Forwarding
  •   Implement portchannels
  •   Implement vPC
  •   Implement FabricPath
  •   Upgrade NX-OS using ISSU

5.0 Implement Cisco Unified Fabric network features and functionality in a Cisco data center environment
  •   Implement QoS
  •   Implement Layer 2functionality
  •   Implement Layer 3functionality
  •   Implement multicast functionality
  •   Implement LISP
  •   Implement OTV
  •   Implement MPLS

6.0 Implementing network virtualization in a Cisco data center environment
  •   Implement VDC
  •   Implement Adapter-FEX
  •   Implement VM-FEX
  •   Integrate Cisco Nexus with vCenterManager
  •   Implement VN-Link

7.0 Implement storage features in a Cisco data center environment
  •   Implement zoning
  •   Implement NPIV
  •   Implement NPV
  •   Implementing VSANs
  •   Implement FCoE
  •   Implement multihopFCoE
  •   Describe shared vs. dedicated ports
  •   Describe the FibreChannel protocol
  •   Implement DCB features
  •   Implement Cisco Fabric Services

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